Little Sex Facts
Busting myths and taking names. #themoreyouknow
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The Basics:
Common Responses to Rape/Sexual Assault(ppt)
Talking About Trauma (ppt)
Talking About Trauma (to others)
Why You Aren’t Bad for Loving Your Abuser.
What is Rape?
Need Help With:
Surviving the Holidays (ppt)
Overstimulated Nerves
Self-Injury (ppt)
Flashbacks (ppt)
Dissociating (ppt)
Making Peace With the Emotion Monster
Disordered Eating, What it is and What you can do about it.
Admitting Weakness
Suicidal Ideation
I’m triggered- Now What?
More On Triggers
On Purposely Triggering Yourself
Boundaries (ppt)
Boundaries 101
Boundaries: How to set them
What is Self Care Anyway?
BACE Method
Self Care When You Lack a Sense of Self
Interpersonal Self-Care
Emotional Self Care
Physical Self Care
How to Do Self Care When You Only Have A Little Bit of Time
Intimacy After Rape
Lets Talk Consent
Lets Talk Sex
Sexuality After Rape
For Friends/Family/Partners of Survivors:
How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Raped.(ppt)
Avoiding Awkward- How to talk about rape when we talk to survivors.(ppt)
Sometimes the easiest thing to say is the worst.
A Friend is Self Harming (ppt)
Comfort In. Complain Out.
What Can I Do?
A Friend is Dissociating.(ppt)
Reality Checks
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Finish this sentence: My vagina is ___________.
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